Sunday, September 8, 2013


Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese form of braiding. Traditionally it uses a maraudi to create the braids. The braids date back to the age of the Samurai, 8000 BC, and were used to embellish the Samurai's clothing.

What is not commonly know is that about the same time in history a similar form of braiding was developed in Peru. In Peru the braids were used for practical means such as water carriers and to attach packs to animals.

I do not use a maraudi to make my kumihimo braids. I use a foam disk which I can carry around with me. I also use beads instead of just fibers. I use just round seed beads as seen in this bracelet:

I have also used a variety of shaped seed beads as seen in this necklace:

What I am most excited about though, is my new series of kumihimo necklaces using Czech glass. The different shapes of Czech glass give completely different looks to the necklace. Even the same shapes give totally different looks to a necklace. For example these two necklaces use Czech drops but the lavender necklace is totally different from the burgundy and teal necklace.

My favorite, however, is this leaf kumihimo necklace:

Visit my shop to see more kumihimo designs and look for more new Czech glass kumihimo necklaces to be added in the near future.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My husband and I do not have children. One reason this did not bother us is we had four nieces that lived within 10 minutes of us. The oldest has graduated from college, started a new job, and has an apartment in a big city. The youngest just started high school.

As I talked to the oldest tonight, wishing her well on her new apartment and new job, I could hear the little girl in her voice. The little girl who helped me make dinner every night when I lived with grandma. The little girl who followed me around wherever I went. The baby who fell out of her mother's arms and into mine when we ran into them at the mall. This precious child is an even more precious adult.

She is intelligent, beautiful, and gifted. Within three months of graduation she found herself a job in a new city and state. Within a week she found an apartment and moved in.She is self-supporting and self-sufficient. I am very proud of her to say the least.

My youngest niece just started high school. She is a serious student far more interested in her grades than boys. I'm waiting for that to change at any moment. She is a straight A student who is also athletic - an excellent swimmer. She is also creative - she beads with her aunt. She is growing into a precious adult too.

Never fear, I shall write about my other two nieces at another time. These two extremes just strike me. The one just stepping out into adulthood and the other just stepping out into high school. Two very important beginnings in life happening at the same time to two very important women in my life. It is a privilege to watch it unfold.